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This week on the podcast, we give our reactions to the very interesting and exciting announcements at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Plus, does a phone really need a 41MP camera? And what’s up with AT&T throttling unlimited data plans? Listen to our take on all this and more!

00:40 – Nokia 808 PureView
02:00 – HTC announcements
07:29 – Nokia announcements
10:22 – ZTE announcements
12:38 – Samsung GALAXY Beam
15:46 – Sony Xperia line announcements
15:58 – Panasonic Eluga Power
16:03 – Huawei device announcements
16:12 – Where’s the innovation in mobile phones/tablets?
18:51 – Google tablet rumors
20:36 – Asus Padfone news
22:25 – AT&T explains its data throttling
28:24 – Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Hosts: John Freml, Stuart Cope, and William Devereux
Podcast Editor: Calob Horton
Newsletter Editor: John Freml

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News from around the CrowdGather Gadget Network


Mobile World Congress contained tons of announcements from such manufacturers as Sony, Panasonic, ZTE, and Huawei. The most noteworthy news is HTC’s new One series and Sense 4.0, the Samsung GALAXY Beam, the ASUS Padfone, and the Nokia 808 PureView with a massive 41MP camera. Nokia and ZTE also revealed devices which take advantage of Windows Phone’s newly-lowered system requirements. Finally, AT&T has confirmed data throttling for unlimited customers.


Samsung recently announced the GALAXY S WiFi 4.2, which is really just minor update to the manufacturer’s 4 and 5-inch models. This latest GALAXY Player features an updated screen size and color scheme. The rest of the specs remain mostly the same: a 1GHz processor, 8 or 16GB of internal memory, a microSD slot, and a 1500mAh battery. Those who liked the previous Android 2.3-based PMPs should enjoy this refresh, but it doesn’t fix any of its predecessors’ flaws.

Good and EVO

Be sure to read our take on HTC’s exciting announcements at Mobile World Congress, including what we might expect from the EVO 3D’s possible successor, the HTC Jewel. While you’re there, check out our exclusive video tutorials on how to add Android’s built-in task manager to your home screen, and an easy way to install MetaMorph themes on your rooted EVO. Our latest ROM Pick also took a closer look at Nitrous v1.3.1 for the EVO 4G.

Nothing But Tablets

Are you planning to jailbreak your iPad soon? Then maybe you should take a look at our tips on what to do if it all goes wrong. We also found a solution that fixes the lack of a proper orientation lock on Android, allowing you to control those renegade sideways apps. Meanwhile, check out Bryan’s current picks for the top three tablets of February, and see what may or may not be right for you.


The Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX is an incredibly thin device that houses a massive 3300mAh battery, giving it 21 hours of talk time. But is a huge battery and sleek design worth $299 on a two year contract? Read our review to find out! Additionally, we also looked at the Samsung Galaxy Note running Windows 8 through Splashtop Remote. Plus, should telemarketers be worried about Android, since you can block them with a few simple apps?


Dell just announced that it’s “…no longer a PC company, [Dell’s] an IT company.” And while Brad Anderson, the president of Dell’s enterprise unit, also said the company won’t completely leave the consumer PC market, this statement raises questions about the future of the company’s cheaper devices. If Dell is going to phase out its lower-end computers and tablets and focus more on high-end devices, what does the future of the Streak line look like?

Zune Boards

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been released and, although it’s only a teaser of what’s to come, it definitely shows the direction that Microsoft is headed. This includes the fact that Zune is now gone for good in Windows. In addition, Microsoft released a beta (version 0.2.0) of Skype for Windows Phone. And while it’s only a beta right now, it’s still the first step forward after Microsoft bought Skype over a year ago.

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