Leaked presentation slide reveals Samsung Exynos 5 processor


It has often been rumored that Samsung will soon be moving to quad-core processors with their new Galaxy SIII smartphone and other flagship devices, but that doesn’t mean the company is done with dual-core chips just yet. The leaked slide you see above appears to detail a new Samsung dual-core processor, and the fifth iteration of the Exynos processor, Samsung’s flagship silicon found in devices such as the Galaxy SII.

Interestingly, the processor appears very similar to one Samsung was rumored to be working on early last year. Just like the rumor, the Exynos 5 Dual processor has two 2GHz cores, all built on a 32nm ARM Cortex A15 platform. Accompanying the CPU is a new Mali T-604 M4 GPU, with four graphics processing cores. The Exynos line has always blown away benchmarks in the past even with single-core processors and is often regarded as the best mobile “system on a chip,” and I wouldn’t expect the Exynos 5 to be any exception. What this means to consumers is that although it may not be a quad-core processor, it’s performance will likely either match or outpace some competitor’s quad-core chips.

As usual, however, this is just a rumor with just a leaked slide to back it up. Things may change before a release, or things may have already changed. In fact, the leak comes from a website called SemiAccurate, which I find amusingly honest for a technology website. Still, I really like the idea of a high-performance dual-core processor, as it would probably be easier on battery than a quad-core processor while still providing a lot of power. Of course, from the way the slide specifies that the processor is the “Exynos 5 Dual,” it sounds could be a similar quad-core version as well, so there may be plenty of high-power options from Samsung coming out as well.

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