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At first glance, LG's Spectrum might just seem like yet another mid-range Android smartphone on Verizon, especially with its $199 price point. It has fairly standard styling, and LG has never really been known for making premium devices. However, the Spectrum is actually a very powerful high-end phone, with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, Verizon LTE, and even a 4.5-inch 720p HD display.

All of these specifications put it more in the range of devices like the Galaxy Nexus, Google's flagship Android offering. But can the Spectrum really go head to head with Google's standard for Android excellence? I'll examine this question and many more in the full review, but for now you can go ahead and take a gander at the unboxing images below the break to see the Spectrum in all its glory.

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On the outside, the Spectrum's black box is very nondescript and simple. It does, however maintain a somewhat classy look, which is continued when you open the box to find the Spectrum centered at the top. Even the small piece of black ribbon you see for lifting the Spectrum out of the box is high quality, and really adds to the general feel of the packaging and phone.

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Underneath the Spectrum, you will find only the bare minimum of accessories. There are no headphones here, only a USB cable, AC adapter, and getting started manual. Of course, this has become the standard for smarpthone accessories, and really a power cable is all you need. Who really wants to use the low-quality included headphones anyway?

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For added clarity, here is a shot of everything included in the box, minus the actual cardboard parts of course.

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To me, the LG Spectrum is a very interesting device. A lot of the design cues scream "Samsung," but the phone is also unique enough to be distinctively LG-made as well. And while the software is no Ice Cream Sandwich, LG's UI is surprisingly tolerable, and performance is lightning fast. There are a couple of minor annoyances of course, but overall the Spectrum has been quite enjoyable to use. I wouldn't want to spoil the upcoming review, but I can say that so far, the Spectrum seems to be a phone worthy of competing on the level of the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S.

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