Study finds that people are attracted to massive phones


At first glance, this title might not sound incredibly important to you. But when you consider that more and more large phone/small tablet devices are coming to market, and that people are loving every single one, then you realize that supply and demand is going to take over and companies will once again start producing the kinds of devices that Pocketables holds so dearly to its heart. 

A new study from Strategic Analytics details this newfound love that consumers have for devices similar the Samsung Galaxy Note or the LG Optimus Vu. It asked smartphone owners from both the US and the UK what their perfect device would be, and 90% of them answered that they prefer devices with 4- to 4.5-inch screens . . . as long as those devices weren't overly thick. 

Paul Brown, a director for the firm, had this to say about the study: 

“Almost 90 percent of existing smartphone owners surveyed chose a prototype smartphone with a display larger than their current device. This trend is driven by increased mobile web browsing capability, as well as engaging video and gaming experiences.”

If these numbers translate closely with the rest of the world, then I think we're going to see a pretty good amount of massive phones come out next year. My only concern with this is how companies are going to offset the cost of a larger display on some devices. But I'm willing to be optimistic until more of these phoneblets arrive to the market. 

Actually, maybe phoneblet isn't the right word anymore. I believe this could possibly be a resurgance of MIDs. What do you think?

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Calob Horton

Calob Horton is an associate editor at Pocketables. He loves all technology, no matter which company it comes from. This unbiased view of the tech world allows him to choose the products that best fit his personal needs and tastes: a Microsoft Surface Pro, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and a third-gen iPad.Google+ | Twitter | More posts by Calob | Subscribe to Calob's posts

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2 thoughts on “Study finds that people are attracted to massive phones

  • can sort of understand the trend, my htc desire screen was big compare to my old nokia dumb phone, yet at the time when i saw htc hd, my reaction is “want”, and same thing happen to me now when i saw galaxy nexus.

    havent seen the galaxy note, but i reckon i would fall in love with it.

    people now a days dont just use phone to make phone calls, they surf the net, read articles, play games, and etc, with bigger screen, you can do things better than smaller screen.

  • Interesting trend.

    I remember my old Touch Diamond (2,8″) which was not fine for browsing due to the small screen but perfectly fine for nearly everyhting else.

    I personally like small, pocketable smartphones that don’t bulge your trousers. But these times seem to be over. I tried a Samsung Note once in a electronic store and first thing that came to my mind: wow that’s not big, that one is huge. Next thing I thought: Too big for my trousers^^ I think there is also a certain border when having a look at the size. If you cannot hold your phone to your ears while calling somebody, because it makes you look stupid with that brick holding at your head, then 5 inch phones are just too big in my opinion.


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