Paper Monsters for iPad is free for a day

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We’ve talked a bit about Amazon’s free app per day offer on the site, including showing you how you can get access from outside the US. There are free app offerings on iOS too, just not as official. Freeappaday works to get apps to offer themselves up for free for a day, and today’s free app is actually a game that we’ve featured on the site, and liked quite a bit. Paper Monster isn’t expensive to begin with at $1, but I know people who simply refuse to even spend that much on an app. For those, and others like them, this is you lucky day.

Paper Monsters is a platform game that has a lot of similarities to Mario, backup up by awesome and unique graphics. It’s a great casual game that doesn’t suffer too much from living on a touchscreen device, and a great game to have stocked away for a rainy day. Hurry up though, this is only for today!

[iTunes via Touch Arcade]

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