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The reign of Safari being king on iOS might be over soon. Google is waiting patiently for Apple to approve its Chrome mobile browser for iPhone and iPad. I use it on all my computers and never have to worry about syncing bookmarks or even open tabs as Chrome handles all that for me. I personally love the Chrome browser on my TouchPad. To be able to seamlessly move from one device to another and pick up just where I left off the last device is great. There are lots of times at work where I will find something useful on my desktop computer and want to share it. Instead of walking into a coworkers office and telling them to navigate to the website, I can just pick up my tablet, open Chrome and then select the site from the list of open tabs. I can do all that while walking to their office, and then show them exactly what I am looking at as soon as I walk in. With Chrome for iOS coming, that’s one less device I have to worry about not using as much as I could.

I use Apple products just about every day now, and whenever possible I avoid Safari. The iMac at the school I use has both Chrome and Firefox installed, and Safari doesn’t even have a place on my dock. The iPad I use at my other job has Dolphin installed, and that’s what I primarily use. There is a problem with other browsers in iOS however. In Android you can set whatever browser you want to be your default. That means that whenever you click a link it will open up in your favorite browser. In iOS, links will always open in Safari, and there is no option to change that. There are also some functions such as saving webpages as shortcuts on your Home Screen that are only available in Safari.What will all that mean for Chrome for iOS? Hopefully it means that Apple opens up the options available to be included in the Chrome mobile browser so that people can once and for all get rid of Safari. More likely however is that Apple will just be stupid and force you to continue using Safari for links you want to open.


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Bryan Faulkner

Bryan Faulkner is a former associate editor at Pocketables. He loves to find new ways to use his tablets while working as the Tech Director at his local church. Mixing sound from the iPad is his newest obsession. He currently has a pair of HP TouchPads, an iPad 2, a decommissioned HTC EVO 4G, and a Samsung Galaxy Note II to tinker with.

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