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HTC posts FAQ about ICS update for current HTC EVO devices, confirms no ICS for HTC EVO View 4G

Htc-logoFor those of you with an HTC EVO 3D or EVO Design 4G who have been patiently waiting for an ICS update that still hasn't arrived yet, you may be interested to know that HTC has now posted an official FAQ, which it hopes will alleviate some of its customers concerns.

The EVO 3D and EVO Design 4G are both listed as receiving the update in the June-July timeframe, while HTC reminds us: "Because of partner and network testing, and approval processes for device updates, it can take up to 45 days for all carriers and countries to get the update after a rollout has begun."

Additionally, HTC stated that Sense 4.0 requires "dedicated hardware" that not all devices have, which is why they chose to update existing devices to Sense 3.6 instead.

Furthermore, HTC has now officially confirmed that the EVO View 4G will remain at Honeycomb, but subsequently claimed: "Upgrades are not the same thing as ongoing support. Devices not being upgraded to Android 4.0 will still get software improvements, security fixes, and technical support as needed."

It's interesting that HTC's original promise of "early 2012" has now turned into June or July. It's also interesting that developers have been able to port Sense 4.0 over to existing devices with few issues. It's even more interesting that the EVO 3D and EVO Design 4G are being released on prepaid carriers with ICS before postpaid customers will get it.

Let's hope HTC learns from this horrible, massive, very avoidable mistake.

[HTC] Thanks, Tony!

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