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Your questions about the HTC EVO 4G LTE answered: Part 1


I've been watching the questions roll in over the past few hours, and as promised, here are answers to some of what you've been asking. If I haven't answered your particular question yet, don't worry: I'll try to get to everyone at some point this weekend or early next week, so keep checking back.

cedelo: Is the screen recessed around the edges, or does it have the uniform smoothness that the OG EVO had?

John: The front is similar in design to the EVO 3D. It is recessed around the edges, but it doesn't have all of those defects that the EVO 3D had: there's no light bleed, and no areas of the screen seem to be raised slightly higher than any other area.

Joshua K.: Can you please check to see if a 64GB micro-SD card will work in the device?

John: Unfortunately, I don't have a 64GB card to test out, but I've also heard rumors that it will work. However, until this is confirmed, buy at your own risk.

Marc: How are you going to migrate your installed apps from whichever EVO you have to the EVO 4G LTE?

John: The latest version of the Google Play Store includes a list of every single app you've ever installed, so I just went there and manually selected which ones I wanted to download. If you're rooted, you can also download an app like Titanium Backup, which will back up your app data, as well. Of course, you'll have to subsequently root your EVO 4G LTE to restore your apps and app data.

Bill: How about the stock memory allocations – the exact numbers, please.



Steve: Swype version number?



Donald: Can you compare the external speaker to the 4G and 3D?

John: To sure sure, the EVO 4G LTE is louder and clearer. I compared the same song streaming from Google Play Music, and the same movie in Netflix, and the EVO 4G LTE was the clear winner. Of course, it's only a phone speaker, so it didn't get so loud that it damaged my eardrums… but it was still louder.

TA: Where is the physical port located? I'm concerned about being able to charge it while it's sitting on the kickstand. Also, what does it do when running a pre-ICS app that requires the menu button?

John: The charging port/micro-USB port is on the left-hand side of the device, in the same place as the port on the EVO 3D. You can charge it while using the kickstand, although the viewing angle is just a little awkward.


When you need a menu button, it will appear on the screen, either in its own separate bottom bar, or somewhere near the top of the screen.


Steve: Does the handset have Bluetooth 4.0?

John: Yes. It also supports these profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, GAVDP, HFP 1.5, HSP, HID, GOEP, SDAP/SDP, SPP, PAN, Stereo Streaming, AVDTP, and OBEX.

Jay: Ask you anything? OK. Can I have the phone once you have completed your review?

John: Um, no.


I know I only touched the surface, and there are still lots of questions you've asked. I'll get to more of them as soon as I can, so keep checking back, and keep the questions coming!

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