Amazon finally adds much needed tablet features in Kindle for Android

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Amazon’s Kindle service is so popular that it I’ve seen people return devices because they haven’t worked well with it. One of those devices is the Galaxy  Tab 7.0 Plus that I own myself, and while it’s superior to the Kindle Fire as far as hardware goes, I’ve seen people return it for the Fire because the line spacing was so bad. If you ask me, an ereader app that doesn’t have such utterly basic features shouldn’t be out there, and it now seems that Amazon finally agrees. As of the latest update, tablet owners can rejoice at being able to use the app fully.

The update isn’t big as far as actual changes go, but when one of the all time most-used apps on Android receives an update to fix something that has been broken for so long, it’s actually a big deal. Tablet users can now view two pages at once and change margin and line-spacing settings. As I said, not exactly a big update in the technical sense, so why on Earth did it take Amazon this long to do?

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To be honest, this is a fairly typical scenario for mobile devices. Third party apps have more features and settings than you’ll ever need, and first party apps have about a third of the features you do actually need. I’m not exactly going to pat Amazon on the back for finally getting this done, but at least I won’t have to see people return devices because books from what’s probably the biggest ebook provider on the planet don’t look right.

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