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GameKlip gives you a way to attach your phone to a PS3 controller

With all the specialized game controllers that are coming out for mobile devices, I find myself having to remind people every now and then that there are ways to get console controllers working. The GameKlip is designed for those people, specifically those that use the PS3 Sixaxis controller with their Android phone. It’s a plastic clip that attaches to the Sixaxis controller, and extends to hold your device to it. It’s actually very similar to the DIY adapter I made months ago, just commercially available and less ugly.

The GameKlip is molded to fit specific devices, and as such, is only available for a few devices. There are versions for the Galaxy S II, S III, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, HTC One X, and HTC EVO 4G LTE. The base version is $15, whereas the $23 adds a USB cable that can be used instead of the root-dependent Sixaxis controller app. Only the Galaxy S III is however confirmed to work using a wired connection.

Having had my practically identical (in functionality) DIY version for many months, I can attest to the usefulness of such a holder. While it doesn’t exactly result in an overly portable game console (at least not one you slip in you pocket), it does turn your device into a nice handheld console. With a rooted Android device’s ability to translate button and analog stick input into touch emulation, there are plenty of games out there that could benefit from this adapter.

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