New iPhone 5 spoof makes fun of the tallscreen approach, might have a point

I already posted one iPhone 5 spoof, but now a new one has popped up, and I’m back at laughing my butt off. This one takes a slightly different approach, making fun of Apple’s tallscreen approach, and taking that to its ultimate conclusion. While it’s meant to be funny, I can’t help but think that the video makes a good point. 

It’s not that the new screen format doesn’t make sense. By keeping the width, but adding to the height, older apps will still work well on the newer device, only requiring letterboxing in one direction. Moreover, it’s apparently important for Apple that the phone can be handled easily with one hand, a feature that leaked iPhone 5 sales manuals even point out as important to show potential buyers. I’ve thought about whether I find it a hassle to use my significantly wider Samsung Galaxy S II over the last few days, and I’m personally not sure if I agree with Apple’s sentiment. Sure, there are times where I have to use both hands, even if I have fairly large hands, but I’m just not sure that it’s worth designing the entire phone around that issue. Phones get hot while talking to, but you don’t go installing a fan in the ear piece, because it would be a bigger hassle than it’s worth.

With the iPhone screen now at 4 inches, it’s still small compared to many Android devices. I have to wonder what happens the next time Apple wants to upgrade, because I don’t think it can stay at even that size forever. I personally find the Nexus’ 4.6 inches to be a pretty decent screen size for a phone, but the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II screen certainly is tempting as well. The only thing I’m absolutely sure about is that I don’t want a smaller phone than I have now, and the S II is 4.3 inches.

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