TeamViewer Quicksupport is a great tool to have, but horribly unstable

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I wrote about TeamViewer Quicksupport when it came out a couple of months ago. The app lets you remotely see and control a Samsung Android device from a computer or other TeamViewer-capable device, without requiring root like VNC access does. 

Since then, a friend of mine has switched back to Android after having used an iPhone for quite a while. He’s had Android devices before, but never dug into customization much. I’ve used TeamViewer Quicksupport to both help him with minor things remotely, and as a way to display the device on a large screen so both can see when we’ve both been in the same place. Since his phone isn’t rooted, VNC isn’t an option, and this app uses the existing TeamViewer software I already have installed on my devices.

Generally speaking, it’s a great option to have. I’ve fixed computers remotely with TeamViewer for years, and this just expands that to Android. Unfortunately though, it’s also horribly unstable. Even with both connected to the same 100/100Mbit connection, the connection dropped more times in a few hours than I can count. On a truly remote session it’s even worse, sometimes requiring a complete restart of the app to make it work again. The awesomeness of being able to help someone sort out a widget from 100 miles away fades a bit when you have to reconnect thrice to do it.

I don’t know if it’s just that the app is very new or if the Samsung-only method used is inherently not that great, but I hope that there will be a fix at some point. This system has a lot of potential, but the way it is now, it comes at a heavy price.

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