Hours after release, first iPad Mini installed in car

When I was younger, I used to love upgrading the stereo in my car. I had everything: amps for every speaker, subwoofers, subwoofer cabinets I made myself, capacitors, tweeters, neon, and lots more. (That was a time in my life when I had a disposable income.) Now, all that equipment is sitting in a box in my basement after I took it out of a truck that got totaled almost four years ago. Life goes on, and even though I don’t have the time or money to do that kind of thing now, it’s still an interest of mine.

That’s why when two things I love get combined, I get even more interested in them. In this case it’s my love of tablets and my love for car stereos. Mere hours after the iPad Mini got released, one got installed in the dash of a car. Soundwaves in Tampa, FL is the company that did it, and you can tell that they had been planning this install for a while. Check the video out and let me know in the comments if you would want a tablet in your vehicle.

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Bryan Faulkner

Bryan Faulkner is a former associate editor at Pocketables. He loves to find new ways to use his tablets while working as the Tech Director at his local church. Mixing sound from the iPad is his newest obsession. He currently has a pair of HP TouchPads, an iPad 2, a decommissioned HTC EVO 4G, and a Samsung Galaxy Note II to tinker with.

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5 thoughts on “Hours after release, first iPad Mini installed in car

  • Personally I wouldn’t want a tablet in my car, For several reasons. Ya its cool, but id rather just be able to hook my phone up to a screen in my car. I have all the hardware in my phone plus a data plan with my carrier. Why would i want to spend an extra $330 plus another data plan to use internet in my car? And in case you didn’t notice for the ipad to slide in, the mounting had to sit away from the dash, which takes away from it being a seemless dash. Also the audio controls need mounted better. at a first attempt its good, but otherwise it looks like crap mounted ontop of the gear shift assembly.

    • Avatar of Bryan Faulkner

      If money was of no concern then a 4G iPad Mini would be sweet in my car, otherwise I agree with you completely. I would never spend the money to do all of that.

      And I did think the audio controls looked a little crappy mounted where they had them. Somewhere else on the center console would have been better, where you wouldn’t have to look down while driving to see what you were doing.

  • Avatar of Tyler Osborne

    Personally a tablet in the car doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea especially if you are using an Android tablet with Google Now with a dock feature. I mean, take example the Nexus 7 in car in that fashion. They slide/snap the tablet into the space, and it takes them to the Google Now screen. And once it’s in this “dock mode” Google Now could realize that, show all “cards” by default on the screen so you can easily scroll through and see what restaurants are near by, local movie selections, the weather where you are and the weather at home along with and the time to travel back home home which all of those are convenient when traveling locally. Also if Google better integrates some commands for this “dock mode” it could be even better. Where saying, “listen to ” doesn’t take you out of the Google Now screen but plays it within. If any/all of that makes sense. :p

  • Avatar of hisuwh

    This is pretty cool but I think it would be better with a nexus 7
    Especially since Google Maps is far superior to Applies offering

  • awesome installation! wrong tablet :). Nexus 7 + google now is what should have been in that car.


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