Dell officially gets out of smartphone business, Android

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It’s been about a year and four months since Dell pulled the plug on the Streak 5, and since then, there has been very little news from the company in terms of its plans for future smartphones. That changed today, though – but it isn’t very good news for fans of Dell’s Streak series of devices.

The head of Dell’s consumer business Jeff Clarke confirmed that Dell is truly getting out of the smartphone business, and is even dropping Android for the time being. According to Clarke, the smartphone business requires “a lot of investments to really be successful,” and Dell seems not to be willing to spend money on them.

When asked about Google’s popular Android operating system, Clarke had this to say: “It’s a content play with Android. Amazon is selling books and Google is making it up with search. So far we couldn’t find a way to build a business on Android.” In other words, Dell wants to have more revenue coming from Android than the money it gets from device sales – and that until that happens, Dell might not be interested in shipping Android devices since it doesn’t view them as particularly profitable.

However, Clarke went on to say that Dell isn’t uninterested in producing devices with Android. Apparently, Dell is working on some Android devices in its labs – but they’re likely not ready at the moment and might not be for some time, until Dell can find a way to get a bit of extra money from the OS.

Are you saddened that, as of right now, Dell will not be producing any more smartphones?

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11 thoughts on “Dell officially gets out of smartphone business, Android

  • Avatar of William Devereux

    To be honest, it feels like Dell hasn’t made a smartphone in years.

  • Avatar of radimus

    Dell just couldn’t hang with the investment long enough to get into the corporate market.

    Samsung ALMOST has a reliable management interface for their tablet/phone devices, which should catapult them over Apple and their better than nothing management tools.

    It is a shame really, the Dell x50/x51v devices were top notch and the Streaks were way ahead of the game… They could have crushed HP and Samsung and ruled the corporate market and might very well have pushed RIM out of the market as well.

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    Dell built a solid device in my 28 month old Dell Streak 5.
    I am disappointed, but I wasn’t betting on Dell for my next device anyway.
    Samsung or…? Can take my money then.

  • The way Dell “promoted” the Streak 5 will go down in history as the most half baked marketing attempt ever… To be fair, I suspect that AT&T did their part too in putting the clamps on the Streak. Really an odd couple, Dell and AT&T…. I am not surprised at all Dell is getting out of the smartphone business.

  • Avatar of Disappointed Dell Streak User

    The whole story was very disappointing and for me it is still clear. Never again I will by any device from Dell.

  • Avatar of Dameon_03

    i still enjoy my streak to this say. i hope they can come back in the future with more smartphone offerings and better support and advertisement. if they dont learn from their mistakes from this go around. it will repeat itself. even though i have another device now, i still get questions about my streak when i use it or show it to people

  • Dell created the first phablet (Dell Streak 5), and also a very affordable tablet with good specs (Dell Streak 7, which I own). Dell has shown that it is willing to innovate while keeping prices down. I wish Dell would stay in the business because it is one company that could come up with the next big (or small) thing for smartphones and tablets.

    Sadly, Dell failed to support it’s products. But the same can be said for a lot of Android device manufacturers.

  • The Streak 5 is actually still a great phone considering its low price these days. But it requires some tweaking and hacking to make it run at its operational limit. I tweaked mine to the max and it runs really really fast. Still loving it.

    • Avatar of Salem

      how to make the dell streak 5 fast – mine is bit slow
      pls reply

      • Avatar of Jeffrey Story

        I use antutu.CpuMasterFree (streak 7 I’m assuming it works for 5 also) I overclock from 1ghz to 1.4ghz and my benchmarks hit 8300 about the same as a galaxy s2. Max is 1.7ghz haven’t pushed that but you’ve got me thinkin bout it now..


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