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How to enable free WiFi tethering on your HTC EVO 4G LTE – no extra tethering apps required

Mobile Hotspot screenshot - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereRoam Control isn’t the only app that no longer works on the HTC EVO 4G LTE after the update to Jelly Bean. What was once a favorite among unrooted EVO owners who wanted to tether wirelessly, FoxFi now doesn’t work, either. And while the developers of FoxFi are urging EVO owners not to update to Jelly Bean if they want to retain free WiFi tethering, I’ve got another solution – and you don’t even need to install any extra tethering apps.

For this to work, you’ll have to unlock your device using HTCDev, and then root your device by flashing a Superuser zip in recovery. If that’s not something you want to do, then this unfortunately won’t work.

After you’re rooted your phone, simply open up the Sprint Hotspot app on your phone, and configure your various settings (your network name, WiFi password, etc.). Next, you’ll have to either freeze or disable the Sprint Hotspot app (both mean the same thing, but different root apps call the process by different names). Finally, whenever you want to tether, simply go to your settings and select More under Wireless & networksMobile network sharing Sprint Hotspot.

I’ve discovered that, as long as you have disabled the Sprint Hotspot app, you can still turn it on through the EVO’s system settings, and it works. The same network name and password you chose previously will carry over, and you’ll be able to tether for free. On the other hand, if you don’t disable the Sprint Hotspot app, then WiFi tethering will remain blocked (i.e. your mobile data connection will turn off unless you pay for Sprint’s tethering add-on).

Since I’m not in an LTE coverage area, I haven’t been able to test this on 4G. Also, if you’ve already gone through the process of rooting, then you might as well install an app like WiFi Tether. Sprint could, at any time, update something on its end to block this functionality, and it will probably be patched in the next OTA update. But still, it’s interesting nonetheless that this workaround exists.

If you’re in a 4G coverage area, be sure to let us know if this works for you. Otherwise, happy tethering … for now, at least.


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13 thoughts on “How to enable free WiFi tethering on your HTC EVO 4G LTE – no extra tethering apps required

  • Avatar of Steve Gaudreau

    Heheheh! Like napsta!

  • Looks like it works on the phone-side, but I’m stuck on “Obtaining IP adress” on my Nexus 7

  • Avatar of Carl D

    My phone is connected to my brother’s WiFi downstairs, and noticed that when I connected my phone to my desktop computer using Windows, I can’t share the WiFi I’m connected to. Instead you have to be on 3g using a tethering app like Easytether. If I connect my phone to a Linux O.S like Ubuntu, I’m able to get off 3g and share the WiFi I’m connected to with my computer without using any apps by selecting usb tether in the notifications bar.

  • Avatar of Sachin

    This doesn’t work, still getting Data Call Failure

  • Avatar of Jorge

    I was lucky to get over 100kbps on my phone with sprint’s 3g network that really operates like dial up. I tried tethering with easy tether at one point but it was taking forever to open a simple website. I decided instead to get 7mb DSL for 14 bucks a month for my home.

  • Avatar of Jmagnt7

    Quick question since you’ve brought this up. I have had wifi tether for a long time. But since EvoLTE I have really been able to get it work. Seems like a lot more “set up” and options..
    Can anyone give me few quick pointers. On og evo4g it seemed so simple to fire up.
    Maybe Im Missing something but I’d love a quick run through of how I should set up. With my new laptop I’m anxious to have this up and running again.
    Thanks again

  • Avatar of Joey!

    Wifi-Tether is working, just used it. Oddly enough I haven’t been able to get it working for a while and after upgrading I made the normal changes and it connected right up, can surf the internet and everything.

  • Avatar of Rose

    I used FoxFi but now that we have JB it doesn’t work anymore.. And i am not rooted.

  • Avatar of Cody J

    FoxFi works for me. I’m stock and running jelly bean. I just went and found an updated version online when I updated to JB. I’m using version 1.95.3

  • Avatar of D_Mart85

    Hey Guys. I want buy the Verizon Droid Razr M, which has Jelly Bean 4.1. Will the new Fox Fi update 1.95.3 work on that phone? Like Cody J mentioned. I want to make sure I can tether to my tablet for free before I buy it and sign a contract.

  • Avatar of Chris

    I was was using Foxfi and the OS update killed it. So, you can’t download the file from the market but you can get it from Foxfi directly. Now, two Saturdays were burnt trying all other apps in the market but found the PDA-net for th tablet used with Foxfi on my phone allows the free tethering. Use it everyday. Hope this helps everyone.

  • I already had Foxfi and it made me start using PDA with it, but the other day I updated my phone to Jelly Bean and now it won’t let either work, it re routes me to tethering and checks my subscription and offers me the 29.99 hotspot on verizon. I’m so mad!

  • I use pdanet on my jelly bean updated EVO 4G LTE . Wifi portion of pdanet doesn’t work, but the bluetooth portion does. I tether both my laptop and my tablet via bluetooth and I have not noticed any big change in speed between Wifi and bluetooth. So I am content for now.


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