Stock rooted Jelly Bean ROM for the HTC EVO 4G LTE released

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In what seemed like minutes after the announcement of the Android Jelly Bean OTA update for the HTC EVO 4G LTE, viperboy released a couple of flashable stock, rooted Jelly Bean ROMs in bot odex and deodex flavors.

The changes from stock include installing SuperSU, allowing the system to be mounted R/W, and adding init.d support along with BusyBox. However, not too much else has been changed from what you could get over the air.

For those who are already rooted, however, this is your fastest way to get and experience stock Jelly Bean. I had to lock, RUU back to stock, OTA, unlock, flash recovery, flash SuperSU binaries, and install SuperSU to get the update this morning.

Currently, the known bugs specific to the viperboy distro involve a wiper application force closing, and some people say the proximity sensor is not working properly during a call. However, since that sensor seems to have been a running theme with custom JB ROMs, it might be more indicative of JB rather than this specific distro.

Be aware also that, although updating to Jelly Bean brings a much faster and smoother experience, there are several new bugs and annoyances HTC pushed out that anyone who spent an hour using the phone could have located. These include the camera noise being completely unmutable now, even if the phone is in silent; the Swype keyboard seems to be missing some things; multitasking is as bad or worse than it was in ICS, even though fixes are available; the stock browser is experiencing Flash issues; issues with Beats audio have been reported, although I have not heard them; and a host of other complaints that could be caused by upgrade issues.

viperboy’s update does not contain the new radios or firmware, which have been reported to fix several issues with weak LTE signal, so you may want to keep that in mind if you’re not seeing the improvements you want.

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