Otterbox shows off new Armor Series cases at CES

New devices aren’t the only things being announced in Las Vegas at CES 2013. Accessories are also incredibly popular at the Consumer Electronics Show this year; in fact, there is an entire pavilion dedicated to iPhone cases alone.

Because of this, it only makes sense that the world’s largest accessory makers have shown up in Las Vegas to show off their latest creations. One such company is Otterbox, the popular maker of some of the toughest cases available for a wide variety of devices – including Android phones, BlackBerrys, iOS devices, and a number of Windows Phones.

Today, the company announced its new Armor Series line of cases. Otterbox says that it’s the “toughest case ever built,” complete with water-, drop-, dust-, and crush-proof features to make sure that whichever device is inside will stay safe and not broken. In fact, you could drop the case from ten feet, apply two tons of pressure onto it, and submerse it in 6.6-feet of water for up to 30 minutes without ever breaking your device.

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are the lucky devices that get to slide into their new, tough clothes first, on February 22. You’ll be able to order through AT&T’s online website, or you can go to an AT&T store and buy one there. The iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III will be getting their own cases “soon.”

Of course, if you don’t necessarily want to purchase a case – but you still really want one – go enter our Otterbox case giveaway in the forums!

[Otterbox via Mac Rumors]

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