The new I’m Watch smartwatch announced at CES

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We’ve talked a lot about smartwatches in the past here at Pocketables, but I’m personally most excited about the new version of I’m Watch, which premiered yesterday at CES. I’m, the Italian company that designed this accessory, claims that this is actually the world’s first real smartwatch – a claim that some may dispute, but that I’m maintains.

Regardless, I’m Watch is the first Android-based smartwatch that utilizes Bluetooth to connect to iPhones and Android phones, allowing it to deliver calls, texts, emails, notifications, music, your calendar, weather, pictures, and more directly from the watch itself. It features a high-resolution curved HD touchscreen, and is ergonomically designed to maintain comfort. It’s got a powerful processor and runs a highly customized version of Android called I’m Droid.

Some of the standout features of this latest version of I’m Watch that sets it apart from the first generation include:

  • Smart tethering that enables the battery to last almost two whole days while tethered.
  • I’m Cloud – this feature allows you to manage your smartwatch apps and data through your phone or computer.
  • I’mages – this is an application that displays photos you take on your phone on your smartwatch.
  • I’market – this is a proprietary app store for I’m Watch that has hundreds of different apps

I’m Watch also comes in lots of color options, so anyone is sure to find one that they like. Standard colors include white, pink, blue, red, yellow, green, black, and aluminum. The “Tech Collection” also offers a variety of materials to choose from, including  I’m Tech Titanium, I’m Tech Carbonium, I’m Tech Magnesium, and the I’m Tech Titanium Special Blue Edition. The “Jewel Collection” contains I’m Black Gold; I’m Silver; I’m Yellow Gold with yellow, pink and white gold with diamonds; and I’m White Gold and Diamond lines. Obviously, there’s a lot here to pick from.

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I am personally very excited to get my own, which I’ll be reviewing here very soon. While I’ve never owned a smartwatch before, I can imagine tons of use cases for this watch, especially as I’m out walking my dogs – it will be so much more convenient to manage my phone from my wrist, rather than taking out my phone and fumbling around while my dogs tug at me from all angles.

I’m also makes I’m Here, a small GPS tracker that’s able to locate anything or pinpoint your location on demand or at regular intervals. It will be available in May 2013.

Given what you know about I’m Watch, could you see a place for smartwatches in your tech life? How would you use a smartwatch in your day-to-day routine?

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