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How to use the full version of the Outlook Web App on your Chromebook

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Those of you who use Microsoft’s Outlook Web App for work or school have probably come across something extremely annoying when attempting to access your email on your Chrome browser or on your Chromebook: Microsoft forces you to use the light version, even though your browser is perfectly capable of accessing the full version. What’s even more annoying is that the light version is extremely handicapped in comparison to the full version: there are a ton of options that you simply can’t access (like inbox rules, for example), and your corporate address book is much more cumbersome to go through.

Call it an innocent mistake on Microsoft’s part. Call it an evil attempt to try to get you to use only Microsoft products. But whatever it is, it’s extremely annoying. Luckily, the solution is relatively simple to set up and start using.

Simply download User-Agent Switcher for Chrome from the Web Store (the link appears below). Next, go to your list of extensions (available at chrome://extensions), and find this particular extension (probably toward the bottom of your list). Click OptionsPermanent Spoof list.

For the domain, simply enter the doman you use to access the Outlook Web App; in my case, this is For the User Agent String, select Windows Firefox 15. Then click Add.

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Going forward, whenever you navigate to your Outlook webmail, you will be given access to the full version, not the light one. You will see that all of the various features function exactly as they should, and that there’s no good reason for Microsoft to block access for Google Chrome users. In other words, your anger at Microsoft will only grow – but at least you’ll be able to access all of the features of your email on the device and browser you want to be using.

Download: Chrome Web Store

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