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Sprint offers open enrollment for device protection in March

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Sprint customers who opted against device insurance and are now regretting their decision have a small window of opportunity to right their wrongs: during the month of March, Sprint is offering open enrollment for device protection, regardless of when the device was purchased. This might be especially useful if you are one of the unlucky owners of an HTC EVO 4G LTE who is having trouble with GPS, LTE reception, or any of the other multitude of problems that users have been reporting and Sprint has been ignoring. Simply enroll, pay your deductible, and file a claim for a new phone. (Hopefully you won’t get another EVO with the same bugs!)

For most people, though, I don’t recommend this, especially since the price of device protection went up last year. The Total Equipment Protection Plan will cost you $11/month, or $264 over a 2-year contract. If you enroll for the less-expensive Equipment Replacement Program, you’ll still pay $9/month, or a total of $216. If you never need to use the insurance, you just wasted that cash, which you could have been putting aside for a new smartphone purchase instead.

If you do need to use the insurance, it will still cost you $150-$200 per claim, depending on your device (it’s $150 for the EVO 4G LTE). There’s also a maximum of three claims that you can file.

Since it’s much cheaper to save up your own money and buy used replacement devices on eBay or Craigslist, I’d recommend against this option from Spring – unless you can specifically prove to yourself that it’s a good deal in your particular case, in which case I say, “Go for it!” To sign up, just sign into your account online and look at your special offers.

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15 thoughts on “Sprint offers open enrollment for device protection in March

  • I dont get this?? i already have TEP i think thats what its called i pay 11$ a month for it.. Now is this the same thing? Or diff..

    • same thing! This is for people who didn’t enroll when they first bought their device.

  • Now is it possible to get protection on the OG EVO 4g and get that replaced with the EVO 4G LTE? Or would they just replace it with the same one again?

    • Avatar of Closet nerd

      The og evo. Won’t get an lte… But the 3d evo will best thing to do is get the microphone to “break” since they can’t replace it you will get to schooled from the well list the lte is an option

  • I can’t recommend anyone get the insurance. I had it for my EV0 4G, and put about $150 in to it before I had to use it when my phone was stolen overseas (where you can only use it on wifi anyway, so..) Had to pay $100 to get a reconditioned EVO 4G, which is what I could have paid anyway to just get a new phone if I was willing to be a Sprint customer for two more years, which I was. I suppose it’s different if you get a lemon in the first place, but given all the stories I’ve heard about Sprint rolling over when people get “serious” with Customer Service, I can’t really imagine having a real problem.

    Nirav – If my experience is any guide, they will only replace with the phone you had, unless you’re willing to pay premium prices for something they consider an upgrade.

    Like any extended warranty program, it’s a waste of money unless there are very special circumstances for you that don’t apply to most people.

    • (Unless you’re almost certain that you’re going to use the insurance.)

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    Last I knew, Best Buy had the better insurance deal.
    Cheaper, no deductible.

  • So my Evo 3D is currently not working right now (the bottom quarter of the touch screen is not responding).

    If I sign up for this for $11… How much for the deductible on this phone, and what’s the process of having it fixed/replaced? There’s not a Sprint store within 200 miles of where I live, so I’m curious. It’s a spare phone anyway, so I’ll probably just chuck it on ebay if it’s going to cost more than $100 total.

    • Avatar of Closet nerd

      That’s a common. Issue they will try to replace which. Probably won’t twork.. Or willforafewdays… The lte is an option as a replacement phone

  • I don’t think it’s such a bad deal. I’ve had TEP since I signed up with Sprint, when the Evo 4g first came out. Since then, I’ve had that phone repaired for free (usb port problem). replaced ($100 – got pickpocketed, and Asurion upgraded me to a 3d), got that phone repaired for free (haptic touch button issue), and just today I had a touchscreen issue and they have a free replacement for me to pick up on Monday.

    I have a very good Sprint store, and it’s nice that they keep parts on hand for repairs. Got my digitizer replaced for free on the spot when I had the touch button issue. If I had to pay Asurion $100 every time I had an issue, this would not be worth it. Having a Sprint store one exit down the freeway makes it a very good deal.

  • I’m for the device protection and I just signed up last month too. I’ve never had to pay out of pocket. I took my LTE to a repair sprint store for a bluetooth issue and they just swapped it out with a “new” one.
    I used this on my OG evo and got a replacement when the market wouldn’t work.
    Plus I have kids and you never know. For me its worth it, but I can see the whole just save money too.

  • I dropped sprints coverage and now shop at Their insurance is cheaper (7.49) with no deductible. I had to use it for an EVO design. 1 drawback, had to send the phone in, but they whole thing There and back into my hand only took 3 business days. I was able to call foward to an old sprint phone while I waited. Everyone may not have that opportunity, but better than what Sprint offers.

  • So if my screen is currently cracked on my evo 3d?….


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