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Poll results: A majority of respondents will stick with HTC and/or Sprint

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Last week, we asked you whether or not you were planning on sticking with HTC and/or Sprint, now that the HTC One has been released and it looks like the EVO franchise is coming to an end. We’ve had some interesting conversations in the comments, on Google+, and on Twitter, but the official results are in – and it’s not quite what I expected, given all the negative feedback I normally hear about Sprint and HTC!

A full 63.5% of you who responded said that you planned on staying with Sprint, or HTC, or both. More specifically, 29.4% are loyal to both companies, while 8.8% are planning on getting an HTC device on a carrier other than Sprint, and 25.3% are staying with Sprint but branching out from HTC.

That leaves only 19.5% of you who are planning on finding a new carrier, along with a new device manufacturer. Meanwhile, 17% of you are still undecided about what to do.

There are lots of different ways to interpret these results. For example, over half of you (54.7%) seem to be fairly content with Sprint service, in spite of continued reports of slow data speeds (even on LTE) and poor coverage in general. Admittedly, Sprint seems to be talking a big game, but under-delivering on service, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of people who are remaining loyal to Sprint will continue to decline.

On the other hand, only 38.2% of you – just over a third – still remain loyal to HTC. That’s a pretty huge drop, considering many of you started reading Pocketables because you followed Good and EVO – a site that was dedicated solely to the HTC EVO line! In other words, in about three years, our readership loyalties to HTC went from (presumably) around 100% in 2010 to around 38.2% in 2013. If there are any HTC execs reading this, you should probably take note and do some deep soul searching.

Of course, this is far from a scientific study, and it’s based only on the responses of those people who chose to participate in the poll. Still, it has lead to some interesting observations.

What do you make of these poll results?

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