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Deal alert: Get a Samsung Qi wireless charging pad for $25


Wireless charging is most likely the way of the future, but so far I’ve been hesitant to actually purchase a standard Qi wireless charging pad. Despite the fact that most new devices from the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the Droid Ultra line include Qi wireless charging, I haven’t been that eager to put down $50 or more for a quality wireless charging pad (although I was intrigued by a custom made option for the Nexus 4, it turned out to be too expensive). Generic options can be found for about $25, but as we know they aren’t always of the highest quality.

However, for at least a short time, the official Samsung Qi wireless charging pad can be purchased for 50% off – just $25 – through Samsung’s official online store. Though intended for the Galaxy S4, the charger will work for all Qi-enabled devices, such as the new Nexus 7, Nexus 4, and Droid DNA. All that you have to do is enter the coupon code RV18623 at checkout, and you will get 50% off of the quality wireless charging accessory. Be careful, though, because the code will only work once per account.

Though I originally thought a device-specific Qi wireless charging pad would be nice, I’ve since realized that the point of the standard is to allow multiple devices to be used with a single accessory. As such, despite the decidedly Samsung design of this pad, it is probably the best buy for anyone who is looking to finally get into wireless charging at a reasonable price and with a quality product. I’m certainly interested, that is provided the Moto X also has Qi wireless charging support.

[Samsung via xda-developers]
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