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HTC begins new campaign all about change

HTC change

HTC has started a new ad campaign recently, bringing on Robert Downey Jr. as a new spokesperson and toting “big things ahead.” While many naturally think this is a reference to the upcoming HTC One Max, HTC still isn’t being too specific about what kinds of changes we can expect to see from the struggling Taiwanese manufacturer, although here are some clues from an email sent earlier today:

HTC has a history of leading the industry. From the world’s first handheld device, touchscreen display, and Android phone, we’ve always drivenchange.

And [sic] HTC changes keep coming. New device launches. New innovations. Special offers. We’re just getting started.

We’re excited to confirm the rumors you’ve heard. We’re working with a real change agent to bring HTC to life. And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned!

HTC apparently plans to hit social media outlets soon and really drive home a message of change, although no one knows quite yet what this will entail. While it’s doubtful that HTC is going to be more friendly towards developers anytime soon, we can hope, right?

What would you like to see from HTC?

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11 thoughts on “HTC begins new campaign all about change

  • After 5 HTC devices in a row I jumped to the S4 vs. getting HTC One. For me to come back they need to change their policies on SD cards, removable batteries and bootloaders. I love their build quality and phone function but they really need to get a grip.

    If next years HTC flagship has:
    1. Removable battery
    2. SD card slot
    3. A drastic reduction in bootloader drama policies

    Then I’ll be back, if not then T-Mobile Jump will have me jumping to my hearts desire.

    • Avatar of Fifth313ment

      Exactly, couldn’t say it better myself. Seconded! :)


    • Oh, I almost forgot… HTC needs to get back to their A game on update releases. When I buy a flagship phone I expect updates for AT LEAST 18 months into the device cycle. I’ll be watching very closely what they do with the HTC One because they have been slipping during all 3 previous EVO devices.

  • Avatar of Samson

    It’s too late for me, my next device will most likely be the next galaxy or maybe a nexus. I like my evo 4g lte, but they messed up too much,

  • Avatar of spencer

    I hate Samsung devices. Maybe someday I’ll get a nexis or a Sony phone but I can’t do touchwiz.for now HTC is still my favorite. Love my htc one and every htc phone I have ever owned has been rooted and running a custom rom within hours of purchasing the device so I don’t understand the whole issue people have with unlocking htc’s bootloader.

    • Spencer I prefer HTC historically and also root and flash as well. The issue is that the locked bootloader issue makes S-Off harder depending on when you get your device and whether you are comfortable performing S-Off in the first place.

      With the HTC LTE I was rooted but never went S-Off in the beginning so later on I was stuck in a cycle where I has to go through a pain in the a@@ to update my radios and in some cases kernals etc. An issue that wouldn’t be there if HTC was true to their flash friendly PR stunts.

      Now I’m on an S4 and believe me I prefer Sense but guess what? The stock ROM out of the box was so feature rich I was able to widget myself to a level of great comfort and was able to root and S-Off with great ease. No HTC DEV, etc etc etc.

      The only reason I flash custom ROMS in the first place is for added functionality and I have not had a need for anything I don’t have so far. All the basics are there in stock including percentage battery bar, WiFi calling and HotSpot.

      Also, I’m with T-Mo now instead of Sprint so the WiFi calling is something I want to keep. First time for me that stock met all my needs. This was not the case with my past HTC phones on Sprint, including the LTE 4G.

      I thought I would hate Touchwiz but I don’t….

  • Two things for me. One would be updates. They need to work on feeding the latest version of android, to their product lines. It should not take months to integrate Sense into the latest version of Android. If so, then they need to change Sense, or eliminate it completely. The support should be for phones up to 2 years old (since that’s the period of most contracts).

    The 2nd thing I’d like to see, is a standardized phone shape. Let’s face it, there has been little need for every phone to be shaped completely different than the previous models. Thinner? Yes, but not buttons/camera/corners, etc. Maybe then, we could actually start finding better 3rd party accessories. That’s ONE reason you can always find iPhone accessories.

    I just thought of a 3rd, which would be an extreme wish list, and would require more than HTC to change. I’d like to see a dedicated/standardized media port, so that external devices can communicate with our phones. Maybe this can be done via the microUSB, but it’s the one advantage I’ve always felt Apple had over Android. The ability to plug into your car’s head unit, and control the device via the car’s radio. I really don’t like the phone acting like a external HDD. Again, major wish list item, which is probably more for Google, than for HTC, but if a hardware port is necessary, then it would need HTC’s support.

    • I agree on the two-year upgrade cycle. Everyone else usually says it should be 18 months, but that’s too short when you consider most contract lengths!

    • Avatar of Simon Belmont

      Standardized media port? There already is one, and it’s called USB.

      Just because accessory developers love to cater to Apple doesn’t mean that USB can’t be used for what you’re asking for. Android is slowly infiltrating this sector, too.

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Wow. I think in this case HTC stands for “Hopeless Television Commercial.”

    I really don’t have a huge beef with HTC other than their lousy support of hardware (EVO 3D ICS debacle was annoying). I’m closely watching how they maintain the HTC One (my wife has one). I’m REALLY hoping they at least support it to Key Lime Pie (and maybe the next version after that). That would signal a better dedication to software updates.

    • Avatar of Simon Belmont

      If they don’t, I’m sure my wife will have no problem with me throwing stock Android on it, though. She loved CM7.2 on her EVO 4G.

      She uses CM10.1 on her B&N Nook Color, and has seen me use Android 4.3 on my Galaxy Nexus. She likes stock Android a lot.


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