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Google makes Quickoffice free for everyone, and throw more Drive storage people’s way


Google announced earlier today that Quickoffice will now be free for everyone on Android and iOS. Previously a $10-20 app, depending on the version and the timing, this is a big deal – and for a limited time, Google is throwing in some extra Google Drive storage, as well.

The new free Quickoffice app is actually being released as a brand new app – the old version isn’t available for download anymore. The same app is compatible for both phones and tablets, and once it has been downloaded and installed, it’s incredibly easy to sign in automatically to your Google account. As an added bonus, if you do this before September 26, Google will give you 10GB of extra Google Drive storage for two years.

The only potentially negative effect of the “freeing” of Quickoffice is the fact that other competing cloud storage services no longer work. Quickoffice was previously compatible with SugarSync, Dropbox, Skydrive, and many more – unfortunately, going forward, it will only work with Google Drive. This is obviously within Google’s rights as a company, but it’s disappointing to see choice taken away.

You can download the new Quickoffice below.


Download: Google Play

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3 thoughts on “Google makes Quickoffice free for everyone, and throw more Drive storage people’s way

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    It looks like that was a preinstalled app on my device.
    I didn’t know there was a cost.
    I bought another office app on special. Don’t think I ever opened it. Lost track of it in a device wipe. I know it is still there in the cloud if I ever need it.
    I used Quickoffice for the last project I had because it was already installed.
    Worked Great!

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    The other potential downfall of “Free” is a surprise charge in 2 years for that cloud storage.
    I don’t need it, so not going to take it.

    • Google won’t charge you for that. Once the two years is over, your storage will get dropped down again. Plus, Google will let you keep whatever you already have stored in Drive… it just won’t let you add anything if you’re over your limit.


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