iPhone 5 SlimClip Case review

The SlimClip Case for iPhone 5 is possibly the thinnest case for an iPhone I’ve ever played with, and if it were just that it would be notable, but it also includes an inline belt/pocket clip that manages to take up no extra space.

SlimClip Case on a beltThe way the belt clip works makes the case look like it’s busted when you first play with it. The back of the case separates from the side protection to slide out just a little. That creates a space between the back of the iPhone and the case that you can use to clip your iPhone to you. A very thin lip covers the front of the iPhone, so if you have a face-down drop onto a flat surface it should be intercepted by the face protection, which may save your screen from cracking.

Unfortunately during testing, the case had some issues with keeping the top of the iPhone’s protection in place when you pull the case and phone off of a belt. While it’s pretty easy to push back on, I worry a bit that the point at which you’re pulling the phone off your belt also is one of the most potentially dangerous times for dropping a phone.

However, even with the transition issues with going from belt to hand, the case is still one of the neatest cases I’ve run across.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on drop protection, and I’m not allowed to throw the iPhone 5 at bricks to test cases any more, so I can only go by the assumption that it offers a pretty decent drop protection based on the feel of it.

iPhone 5 SlimClip Case open after pulling off a belt iPhone 5 SlimClip Casein action SlimClip Case for the iPhone 5 in hand

The SlimClip Case is available for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, and 5C in black, grey, white, blue and red. It retails for $40 from the manufacturer.

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