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CyanMobile v5.0 released for the original HTC EVO 4G

CyanMobile v5.0The original HTC EVO 4G is receiving some love this week as ShagNasty2 has released CyanMobile v5.0, a ROM that looks pretty sweet.

It’s based off of Android Gingerbread/CyanogenMod 7, but all the features that the former flagship phone supports (WiMAX, FFC, Flash media, etc.) are up and working, according to the developer. I haven’t had an activated EVO 4G since the EVO 3D came out, so I’m not able to test the WiMAX, but you can assume it works.

The theme of the ROM looks very ICS/Jelly Bean inspired, but some things such as Google Now are probably not going to work with Gingerbread, no matter what the ROM looks like. It should be noted that the developer states many of the features found in ICS/JB have been backported into the Gingerbread based ROM. So maybe there’s something there capable of running Now.

The list of features and things you can tweak goes on for pages: the short of it is if everything functions as expected, and if you’re still rocking the OG, this is a ROM that would breathe some new life into the gracefully aging phone. Whatever the case, it’s nice to see the EVO that started it all receiving some attention.

If you install this ROM, let us know how it works for you as at the moment my EVO 4G is in pieces and I can’t flash anything for another couple of days.

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