Google Glass Explorer Program waitlist now open to all, Glass still costs $1,500


When Google announced the Google Glass Explorer Program earlier this year, the company gave away early invites to a select few early testers. Later on, they offered a few of those already in the program invites to give out to friends, but the supply was still extremely limited. Of course, it isn’t as if these invites get you Google Glass for free, as you still must front the cost of $1,500 for the hardware once accepted into the program. Still, even today invites alone are selling for around $500 on eBay.

Fortunately, now there is a much better and less unofficial way to get a Google Glass Explorer invite. Currently Google has quietly opened up the program’s waitlist to everyone, so now those interested in purchasing the Google Glass beta hardware need only sign up and hope for an empty spot. Space will still be limited, and not all who sign up will be offered the chance to purchase Glass, but this is still a big step toward wider availability for early adopters. In addition, although Google did not indicate how many Glass units will be produced or given out, the Explorer program is expanding in anticipation of the consumer launch.

The consumer release is still scheduled for next year, just as planned, and will likely cost much less than the Explorer edition. How much less is anyone’s guess, with the lowest projected price being $300, but the only official word is that it will be under $1,500. Even so, I’ve already signed up and am extremely tempted.

It is admittedly crazy to pay $1,500 for what is essentially a beta project and may not be supported for very long, but just the opportunity to use what some have described as being “something Tony Stark would use” sounds worth it. I almost hope I don’t get selected so that I can save my money, but either way there is now a definite and official way to get in line and purchase Google Glass. I suppose now we will see how many more people actually are crazy.

[Google via The Verge]
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