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Damson Jet wireless stereo speakers review [Video]

Damson Jet

The Damson Jet wireless stereo speakers are a set of two Bluetooth speakers sold as a pair, and connected to each other right out of the box. They have a somewhat new take on Bluetooth speakers, using what’s called Incisor Diffusion Technology that produces a powerful bass using whatever surface they are standing on.

Featuring a real left and right stereo sound through a split channel, these little speakers do pack a powerful punch and make a good travel companion for bass junkies who don’t have a lot of extra room in their suitcases.

However, I can’t give these my full recommendation – so read on to find out why.


  • Speaker type: Incisor diffusion technology & traditional drivefr
  • Output: 20 watts each speaker
  • Bluetooth: A2DP for wireless stereo streaming
  • Audio In: 3.5mm
  • Micro USB for battery charging
  • Battery type: Lithium ion rechargeable
  • Playback time: Up to 9 hours
  • NFC for instant pairing and connecting
  • Box includes two Damson Jet speakers, charge and connect cables, and two neoprene cases

According to Damson:

To improve the sound we have added a traditional transducer, which is located on the underside of Jet. This increases the range of the mid and high range frequencies and provides the highest quality sound Damson has produced so far. … What sets The Damson Jet apart from every other speaker on the market is the bass. Place them onto almost any surface and it will deliver truly rich deep bass down to a level of around 20hz.

Additionally,  each Jet speaker can operate independently, if the user desires: a user can have two independent mono speakers, or one set of stereo speakers. Damson also offers a metal mount accessory, not available in this package, that allows users to mount the speakers to windows, windscreens, shower screens, and a multitude of other surfaces. Since I don’t have this accessory, I couldn’t test the speakers with it, but Damson says that this accessory turns them into two way speakers, allowing users to hear the sound on either side of the surface.

What I like

  • These are definitely a small package, but they pack a punch. They can get loud, but the sound can get easily distorted at higher volumes. A lot of this depends on what surface you use these on. The size of the Damson Jet speakers make them easy to take with you when traveling.
  • Bass junkies should get a kick out of these – really, these are all about bass, to the detriment of other audio aspects.
  • I love the NFC pairing capabilities, and wish that every Bluetooth device incorporated this going forward.
  • Battery life seems to be about what Damson says.

What I don’t like

  • These are entirely too dependent on the surface they are placed on. I tried everything from wood surfaces (floors, shelves, etc.), to glass tables, from concrete to countertops, and they never sounded quite right. Any loose objects nearby would start to vibrate and create a distracting rattling sound, and it was entirely too easy to distort the audio at higher volumes.
  • Bluetooth range is terrible. Perhaps this is a bad batch, since I haven’t been able to find many other reviews with this particular complaint, but my Damson Jet speakers constantly skip – or worse yet, lose the connection to my phone or tablet entirely. This is at a distance of only 4-5 feet, so there is definitely a problem here.
  • These aren’t great for making phone calls. The built in microphone garbled my voice, and the overall call experience was not ideal.
  • The price is too high – in this same price range, you can find other Bluetooth speakers with a better value.


Unfortunately, my dislikes outweigh my likes, so I can’t really recommend these speakers, especially at the current asking price. While the general idea is a good one – after all, how much innovation do we really see in the Bluetooth space? – the implementation could have been much better.

For a video hands on, be sure to watch the video below.

The Damson Jet wireless stereo speakers are available in a variety of colors for $129.99 directly from Damson or from Amazon.

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