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T-Mobile to revise Simple Choice plans, add more data to lower tiers and unlimited international texting

T-Mobile rate plans

Late last week, T-Mobile announced changes coming soon to its Simple Choice plans, adding more data to lower tiers and unlimited international texting, while increasing the price for truly unlimited, unthrottled data for new customers. These new plans will launch on March 23 for regular postpaid customers, and April 26 for no credit check prepaid customers.

Base prices for individual lines will stay the same: single lines will start at $50/month, second lines at $30, and up to three additional lines for $10 each. However, T-Mobile is increasing the base high speed data allotment for each line from 500MB to a full 1GB.

Also, for an extra $10/month, each line can now receive up to 3GB of high speed data (formerly 2.5GB). $20 extra will get you 5GB of high speed data (previously unlimited), and $30 will buy you truly unlimited, unthrottled data. All plans will also include unlimited international texting for free, a feature that previously cost $7/month. Important to note is that customers with the existing $20 unlimited data add-on remain unaffected – these people can keep their existing plans, and also benefit from the international texting feature, as well.

All plans also include tethering, up to the stated high speed maximum, while the unlimited option now includes 5GB of tethering data.

Taking a step back, these changes will benefit most existing customers: people who currently have 500MB or 2.5GB of high speed data will be upgraded to the higher amounts automatically, with no action required. These customers will also no longer have to pay individually for each international text message sent, or subscribe to a package. Again, customers with the existing $20 unlimited plan will not be forced to give it up.

New customers who want truly unlimited data will have to pay an extra $10 if they sign up after March 23, but I honestly don’t have a problem with higher-usage customers paying a bit more for their higher data consumption. T-Mobile needs to get enough revenue to maintain its current rate of network expansion, and we need to make sure that the network doesn’t get bogged down like Sprint’s. Also, most power users will likely still be content with 5GB of high speed data, especially knowing that there aren’t any overages if you go over.

What do you think of T-Mobile’s new plans? I’m all in favor, and can’t wait for March 23.

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