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ViperOneM8 v1.3 ROM released for all HTC One M8 variants

ViperHTC_ONE_M8Team Venom has released version 1.3 of the ViperOneM8 ROM for the HTC One M8 containing hundreds of customizations, tweaks, and even several Venom-only apps.

We’ve covered some of Venom’s ROMs since the EVO days, and many swear by its ROMs, so it’s good to see it over on the M8 for those of us who moved on from the EVO line.

The features list include the Venom Tweaks, a custom Pie control, the Venom HUB, an OTA mechanism for the ROM, its own theme engine, a CPU and Kernel manager, 5×6 app drawer grid, and motion gesture remapping, along with several other enhancements.

The ROM clocks in at 1.4GB, and it’s going to take a while to download so go ahead and start now if you’re interested in trying it. I’ll point out that’s not much larger than any other M8 ROM; I’m just still getting used to the increased base size of the ROMs on this device.

The ROM should work with any version of the M8 out there, but randomness does happen from carrier to carrier so the standard warnings apply – make a nandroid before flashing in case anything goes wrong. Sure, it takes some time to make one, but that one time you need it, it’ll pay for itself.

Also, if you care about what you’re agreeing to, make sure you read the user agreement. This is the only ROM I’ve ever seen that contains an agreement this detailed and appears to indicate that, if you do anything to the ROM such as flash a mod, you’re in violation of the agreement, as you would be modifying a component of the ROM on a storage medium (the SD card).

As I can’t in good conscience accept the user agreement where one agrees that everything in the ROM is the developer’s proprietary property protected under copyright law (that’s a picture of Blinkfeed in its promo picture – pretty sure HTC owns that – and Team Win’s recovery and Titanium Backup are also included in the ROM), I’ll sit this out until the wording in the user agreement is fixed, or Team Venom becomes the owners of these properties.

That said, however, I would love to know how the ROM works for you guys.

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