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What’s new in the HTC Sense 6.0 update?

HTC Sense 6 screenshotsAs we’re hearing about more and more of HTC’s 2013 lineup receiving the Sense 6.0 update, many HTC fans are probably wondering about precisely what is new in this much-heralded update. Luckily, in its efforts to increase transparency and communication with its users, HTC has published a new site that details exactly what users can expect.

Some specifics include:

  • Color coded HTC applications for easier navigation
  • A new user interface for BlinkFeed that allows users to more intuitively add content and navigate using the sidebar, along with a smoother, continuous scrolling experience
  • Nearby restaurant recommendations
  • New, customizable fonts (three are preinstalled) that you can use with certain applications and settings menus. More are also available in the Play Store.
  • A new camera app that has a more intuitive interface and quicker access to different camera modes.
  • The new Zoe mode allows users to hold the shutter button for three seconds to take a Zoe and then automatically switch to video mode.
  • A new user interface for the gallery, including an image match feature and point of interest locations in the Map view
  • A redesigned app tray with quicker access to customization options
  • A redesigned HTC Sense TV app that includes live sports scores and integration with social media
  • A new music app with more visually stunning themese
  • A new schedule function for Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Updated Mail, Message, Calendar, and Phone apps

More details, including comparison screenshots, can be found on HTC’s new Sense 6 site, linked below.

[HTCThanks, Simon!

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