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Fancy Switcher adds some pizzazz to task switching

Fancy SwitcherFancy Switcher is an Android 4.0+ app that supplements your system’s built-in task switching system via an on-screen swipe-out switcher.

For those familiar with the AOSP ROM HALO application, it’s somewhat similar to that for swiping out, although without the second app in a window functionality.

Swiping out will show the last app accessed, sand wiping back in will pull up a vertical sidebar menu of apps. Or there are more traditional views that can be had, along with some neat transition effects if you’re willing to pony up and help support development.

There are quick launch options to see and terminate running apps, and the whole thing shows that some thought went into the design for someone who needs to switch back and forth between multiple apps on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a learning curve to exactly where to put your finger, and when the processor is swamped you’re prone to trigger a press of the background. But as it stands the thing is a godsend for people who just need to swap back and forth between two apps. (Looking at you Words Auto Cheat people. Well, you and people who use their devices for editing/cutting and pasting a lot between applications.)

Fancy Switcher is free with some premium upgrades available.

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Download: Google Play

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