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Tockle is like Tasker for Android Wear/works with Tasker

Tockle for Android WearWithout having any Android Wear there’s not much I can play with on Tockle, but from what I can see, it does look pretty neat.

Tockle allows you to trigger actions based on conditions such as battery level, WiFi, time of day. In this it’s similar to a scaled back Tasker, although it also allows you to run any action set from the Wear device by saying “OK Google, start action set.”

For the built-in action sets, it has some options available such as turning on/off/toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, WiFi hotspot, changing the volume, send an SMS or email, and lockscreen rotation. For the power user you can also run a Tasker task.

I don’t personally find the ability to tell your Android Wear to do most of the above all that interesting, but the thought of launching some of my Tasker actions from Android Wear does make me more interested in the whole wearable concept as sometimes it does get annoying pulling the phone out of my pocket, turning on the screen, unlocking, then launching the task.

It would be much cooler to be able to have an Android Wear device and be able to say “OK Google, start weekend,” and have it trigger my Tasker set that switches my voicemail, sets an auto away message, etc as I’m running out the front door.

But I guess the ability to say “OK Google, start silent mode,” to turn off the ringer, turn the media volume to silent, power off WiFi and Bluetooth could be useful when walking into a courtroom or church.

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If you’ve got some Android Wear and are wanting to extend your control of it, Tockle is probably your only answer for the moment until someone makes a Tasker plugin to handle it.

It’s a free piece of software, and you can probably expect that functionality will be added in the future if what it has by default isn’t enough for you.

Download: Google Play

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