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With CES 2015 less than a week away, what’s on your radar?

CES 2015

The International Consumer Electronics Showcase is coming up next week in Las Vegas. If you’re not familiar with this event, it’s where companies go to be seen with what’s coming out later in the year, as a hundred thousand or so manufacturers, inventors, media, and purchasing agents descend to see what’s coming up this year.

From my nearly 50 press emails a day I’m getting now, we’re going to be seeing behavior gamified like never before (tooth brushing game/apps, video games where characters level based on your exercise/workouts,) 4K content distribution methods and devices, biometric monitoring in more devices than you can shake a stick at, a slew of phone chargers that also jump start cars and are WiFi access points/hotspots, and of course insanely drunk bloggers as smaller companies attempt to gain national coverage for the price of a keg.

When trying to convey how big CES is, it’s two million square feet of display space. To put that in football field terms, that’s about 34  1/2 football fields of vendors and displays crammed into the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, the Venetian Tower Exhibits Suites, the Sands Expo Center, Westgate Hospitality Suites, not including the showcases and events which take place at various hotels along the Las Vegas strip.

In other terms, it’s about the size of 825 Radio Shacks, but with stuff you might actually want to buy, or maybe 15 Super Target stores with slightly less of a Hello Kitty presence.

Add to this highly targeted tech events like Pepcom Digital Experience, Showstoppers, and a hoary host of industry-specialized events, and you’ve got a tech conglomeration the likes of which can’t be found anywhere else.

Did I mention it’s big?

And there might be a Pocketables blogger or two there…

So, with 100,000 exhibitors and every consumer product you can imagine located there, what company or type of product are you most interested in hearing about? What problem of yours needs a product to fix it? What favorite company has an unveil that you might want a hands on report from? What company’s all-too-interesting leaks do you want looked at?

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