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Discharge a battery quickly with Battery Waster

Battery Waster on Google PlayHave you ever thought, “gee, my battery’s too full, I need it empty pronto.” Probably not often, but there are times when you need to drain a battery to either half full for long term storage or nearly dead for testing your spiffy new charger and charge times.

In these rare times of needing to waste a battery you have to keep your phone awake, screen on, and doing something for hours generally as these devices are just not designed to discharge quickly unless you’ve got a (insert name of phone you despise here, laugh). Rather than waiting to discharge, Battery Waster is a tool you can use to move the process along.

Battery Waster turns on all the sensors, will activate your LED, pegs the CPU at 100% and generally burns through 1-2% of the battery a minute (on my device at least,) in a rapid discharge.

In some charging scenarios this can be useful for battery conditioning or maintenance, but generally it’s just a tool for you to see how chargers work or the maximum temperature your phone will get to.

Battery Waster is free, doesn’t ask for internet permissions so you shouldn’t need to worry about adware, and generally does what I need to to do. It should be noted that turning on your display, cranking the brightness up, and attempting to pull as much power from your phone or tablet might be harmful to it so keep a watch to see if the temperature is getting too hot.

Also, depending on your screen type, you might end up burning the word “Battery” into some of the pixels. So use at your own discretion.

Download: Google Play

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