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CES upcoming, what are you interested in seeing?

CES LogoIt’s two and a half weeks until CES. I’ve reached the point of mailbox management where it’s just not something I can keep up with any more as I literally am getting 40 meeting requests a day for products that for the most part don’t fit into the industry that I write in. I’m wondering what people would like a closer look at assuming I can make it to CES 2016.

Also, I’m sick as a dog at the moment so you get this article asking you to help me make content for the site.

For your information in case you’re not familiar with CES, pretty much everyone who’s anyone except Apple have a presence at CES. You can see a bit about it here.

Today’s most interesting product I was asked to come look at involved recording everything in your house so that you could play back baby’s first words when they happened.

Unfortunately the way it’s pitched sounds like it’s a 60 second recording max which means if you wanted to get your baby’s first words you have to then drop baby, find cell phone, unlock, locate app, and save. Something tells me there is probably no reason it’s limited to 60 seconds, but that one looked interesting and potentially nightmarish.

It seems that every other year seems to be the year of amazing advances, so we should be seeing some new products as opposed to just the “better, faster, has a new version number and a new price tag”.

There are quite a number of more connected turntables making a push this year – not sure if that piques anyone’s interests.

Anyhow, other than the standard stuff we cover I’m going to be wandering baby tech and Eureka Park this year. Also probably going to be attending the DiSH networks events and a few press briefings, however mostly I wander with no purpose, which works for finding new and interesting things usually.

So anyway, what have you heard of being unveiled in two and a half weeks that you might want me to spin by and kick the tires? Any categories specifically?

Also, sorry about the ask-me post, I really have next to no lung capacity at the moment and am in a cold medicine haze.

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