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Google Hangouts has become unusable

HangoutsI’m pretty sure Google hates me. My Hangouts has gone from meh to bleh over the past few weeks since the last update or two.

My favorite thing lately is I hear a message/Hangouts notification from my work or home computer, and look and there’re no new texts or chat messages on my phone. Swiping to refresh shows nothing. I trudge to the computer and get whatever someone sent me, perhaps have a conversation with someone, and eventually parts of the conversation will appear on my phone.

Eventually the phone version of hangouts will catch up, but that eventually could be two minutes or it could be four hours.

Doesn’t matter if I’m on WiFi or carrier or what. Wiping the phone and reinstalling it doesn’t appear to change things.

Reviews on Google are showing that people aren’t receiving notifications, having to open the app to get updates at all (mine isn’t that bad,) people are having to flush app data to receive new messages, and generally reviews sorted by date tend to unfavorably view the later incarnations of the thing.

Add to that they removed the Hangouts widget, which was the only way I liked using Hangouts, and to me the thing’s become a junker.

So how’s Hangouts treating you? Have any fixes for the not showing messages? It’s really bad when you use this as a corporate communication tool and text messaging client and neither are working properly.

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