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Fix: Windows 10, keyboard disconnecting, usb disconnect sound, num lock light going on and off

Locked up Keyboard from Pixabay for windows 10 keyboard disconnectsThe symptoms: num lock light goes off after a couple of seconds. Keyboard disconnecting then happens for a couple of seconds you might hear the USB disconnect sound, you may be intending to type “you have to be kidding, sad I’m your meal ticket, you rat. Like hello?!?! I never loved you, always hated your farts” and with the keyboard dropouts you end up with “you had me at hello. loved you, always heart.”

Now the above is a bit of an extreme case, but usually during writing up a piece if I don’t check every line there’s going to be something missing. I even resorted to (after swapping four USB keyboards,) plugging in a PS2-style keyboard in an attempt to get this straightened out. Unfortunately that keyboard is horrible.

Other symptoms include the control or alt key getting stuck til you press it again, the thing having more of a tendency to disconnect while the shift key is pressed, and generally it will kick in at any point that it thinks it can ruin your life.

Some of you know that I’m prone to miss a letter or two when typing up articles. One of the reasons I was experimenting with voice typing the other day is because I’m saddled during the day with a computer that has to be at 45 degrees to turn on (the angle, not the temp,) the USB ports shut off randomly (overheating chip/capacitor,) and the keyboard disconnects.

After months of banging my head against the wall and playing with power management settings, found it.

Now, I’m going to fess up here, Deslok may have pointed me in the right direction a couple of months back. If so, thanks man, if not then hah hah I found the answer. Seems I recall him pointing me to power plan settings, but waiting on a reply from him for credit or not.

Fix Windows 10 Keyboard Disconnecting

Step 1) start, type “printers” and “devices and printers” should pop up, click that. Alternately get there however you normally do.

Step 2) locate “usb keyboard,” right click and choose properties

Step 1 - control panel

Step 3) on USB Keyboard Properties click Hardware, couple click/tap USB Input Device (or choose properties after selecting that)

2 - USB keyboard properties pre-hardware

2 - USB keyboard properties hardware

Step 4) a new USB Input Device Properties dialog box will pop up, choose Change Settings

4 - USB Input Device Properties pre-change-settings

Step 5) a new box will pop up with a power management tab. click/tap that, uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”

4 - USB Input Device Properties post-change-settings pre-power-management

4 - USB Input Device Properties power-management uncheck

Step 6) Profit

Or buy me a beer, one way or the other.. your days of Windows 10 keyboard disconnecting should be over.

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