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Getting your MSL on the HTC 10 – new difficulty

Kitties unlock the internet from pixabayIn the olden days if you wanted to get you MSL (master subsidy lock) on a Sprint device you just ran MSL reader or fiddled around with aLogcat Root after dialing ##data#. Those methods to get the MSL went away a couple of versions of Android ago.

The last phone I ordered from Sprint shipped with a helpful heaping of the MSL right on my receipt, so I had it for good measure when I wanted to disable some crappy LTE bands that were running slower than 3G in my hood.

This time around I just want it. It’s not listed on Sprint’s website, it’s not in my receipt for ordering the thing, so I went and asked support if they could give it to me on chat. They said sure, no problem and promptly gave me a number I recognized as my old MSL for my M9.

I mentioned that was my old one, to which the Sprint rep replied sorry, your code is ##000000.

Yeah, that ain’t my code. I mentioned it wasn’t my code, that it wasn’t a code at all, although they did ask me to try it (which rebooted my phone after two bad EPST edit attempts with a bad MSL).

A little more digging and the Sprint rep told me that the issue was the MSLs wouldn’t be over and in the system until 7-10 business days after activation.

I of course tried multiple MSL readers, methods, etc to no avail. Not that I need it, but it’s nice to have it. I’ll check back next with with the Sprint peeps and see if the MSL is actually there or not.

As a note, they gave me no problem nor even asked why I wanted it.

If you’ve got a working way to get an MSL on an HTC 10 drop me a line. I’d be interested in knowing. Also really, I’ve trawled XDA looking for it and either the methods don’t work or the download is missing (and the entire thread past page one is “doesn’t work”).

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