CHOETECH Multi-port Turbo Charger Review

I hate cables. Look at my desk or nightstand and you won’t believe me, but it’s true. Things weren’t so bad in days gone by when all I had to worry about charging was a phone. In the last few years I’ve added a second phone for work, a smart watch, several tablets, portable chargers, and more. All of these resulted in a spaghetti mess of charging cables and bricks. Using a power strip made things better but they’re bulky and not very portable. I looked for a solution and found the excellent CHOETECH Multi-port Turbo Charger. Keep reading to learn what makes this such a great accessory.



Looks aren’t usually a deciding factor when considering a charger. The brick is typically plugged in to the wall and out of sight. These mutli-port chargers work best when sitting on a desk or table. To that end, CHOETECH includes a five feet long cord to run from your outlet. For me that’s plenty to reach my desk. Add some shorter micro USB cables and you have a nice and tidy charging solution.

CHOETECH vs AltoidsThe box itself is small for the number of USB ports (six in all) included. Two of the ports support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. They’re blue to make them easy to distinguish. There’s an all-plastic casing coated with a soft touch material. This helps keep the charger in place – it doesn’t slip an slide like it would if glossy. Just the right amount of heft helps with this, too. The casing is only slightly larger than tin of Altoids mints so finding a spot for it is easy. CHOETECH should be commended for manufacturing a solid-feeling product. There’s nothing cheap or chintzy about it.


I’ve had no problems with the charger. My devices always recognize the Quick Charge ports appropriately. I’ve charged up to six devices simultaneously with no hiccups. The QC ports output at 5V/9V/12V 15W and the others at 5V 2.4A. Results will vary by device but my Lumia Icon quick charges about 13% in 15 minutes and 26% in 30 minutes.


I heartily recommend the CHOETECH Multi-port Turbo Charger for your device charging needs. I liked it so much that I bought a second to keep at work. It’s also a great accessory to take when traveling and wall outlets are at a premium. How are you dealing with your tangled mess of cables?

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