I picked my second real lock (and didn’t a couple of others)

After surgery I had a couple of months of recovery that involved me watching a whole lot of YouTube. One of the things I really focused in on was lockpicking. It’s like solving a puzzle to me and I have thus far enjoyed doing it.

TL;DR – more on Paul’s hobby, nobody is forcing you to read this. Want more Android content / submit some.

It’s taught me a new way of thinking of security. I mean, not that the average criminal isn’t just going to bash in your door with a sledgehammer, or cut your lock off the shed, or just take your bike because over half the bike locks out there are garbage.

I bought a few locks the past couple of weeks. I’m not locking anything up, I just wanted a variety to practice with.

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The lock above I managed to open using shims, picking, and I used a comb (yes, I know it’s the wrong style lock to use it on now,) and using said comb evidently managed to hit something behind the keyway and open it. Only managed the comb open once. This was my first shimming and easier than expected.

I bought another lock that I can’t pick without a disc detainer tool. Eh, my bad. I did however discover that they’re using only one key for the entire lock run because my key and the product key are the same, and other reviewers of the lock have mentioned they have the exact same key pictured on the Amazon page. So if you ever see a “top security” branded lock and want to open it evidently that’ll cost you $8.99 if it’s the one I have.

I also picked up two combo locks to try out my decoder tool and yeah, nothing. I feel nothing. I can sort of slow the wheels down but there’s no difference in feel. The time I spent attempting to decode the wheels I could have easily sawed through the locks. May be shielded, may be I am no good at it. Who knows.

Fun times. I have a training lock I need to assemble and practice on, and a couple of doors to attack, but that’s for another day. I’ve got to plow through working on some reviews now.

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