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How to print a one-page color photo in draft mode for your kid’s Halloween party

One page Halloween photoStep 1) Print at home on your inkjet
Step 1.0.a) turn printer off and back on because it’s not responding
Step 1.0.b) wait seven minutes for warmup and inkjet checks
Step 1a) be informed that your inkjet is out of red halfway through the print
Step 1b) cancel print job that’s stuck in queue event though it printed)
Step 1c) restart print spooler as job is still stuck in print queue
Step 1d) schedule time to reboot computer to remove print job from queue
Step 1e) order new cartridge and decide you’ll print that one page at work tomorrow
Step 2) print photo on Epson Workforce 3640 printer
Step 2a) realize that driver on your Windows Server requires you to print on premium grade photo paper if printing from photo viewer, unchangeable in settings.
Step 2b) Copy photo into Internet Explorer and choose print from there
Step 2c) get random “error printing” with no diagnostic
Step 2d) greet old friend “stuck printer item that can’t be deleted”
Step 2-d-1) set reminder on phone to reboot server from home after work
Step 2e) decide to print on co-worker’s printer
step 2f) he’s out of cyan and black so skip it, order him new print cartridges, leave note to inform him he’s out of ink and it’s ordered.
Step 2g) realize you can print on the Epson using a USB stick!
Step 2h) find iPhone/Android MicroUSB stick…
Step 2i) plug into Android phone, launch ES File Explorer
Step 2j) ES File explorer does not locate the USB
Step 2k) realize the afteraftermarket MicroUSB to USB-C adapter you’re using only works properly one way, rotate
Step 2l) save from email to downloads
Step 2m) copy in ES File explorer to USB drive
Step 2n) realize this isn’t going to plug into Epson Workforce Printer because you need a Micro-USB to USB
Step 2n-1) wait this had to work because you plugged it in like 40 seconds ago – where did that cable disappear to?
Step 2o) cannibalize a speaker you have sitting around, hope that cable does more than just charge
Step 2p) it works


Total time to do this – under 24 hours!

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