Your 6P is sick? And yours? And Yours? And YOURS? AND YOURS? MINE TOO!

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Sadly this is mostly a link aggregation [/frustration post].

My OWN 6P is still on Marshmallow but I am having the bootloop problem, random reboot, and battery shutdown at, well, when it get’s bored, I’m trying to soothe the savage tooth-receiver. I had to take the bootloader password off, otherwise it hung on reboot with the screen on!


Mat’s is on Nougat and doing no better. And apparently the Pixel’s are wetting themselves in the same way.


My battery lasts to generally 50%-42% before shutting down; maybe it doesn’t like the soft caress of USBC through it’s TPU case, maybe the cells are going bad, maybe it’s unplanned Obsolescence? Who knows. All we know is that while Nougat may be being blamed Google, two editors, one editor on Nougat 7.1.1 (who did the beta and everything) and one (me) on 6.0.1 are BOTH having hardware problems. It’s not a vendor.img issue, we’ve tried draining. we’ve tried the toggling suggestions; flash baseband, flash radio, flash recovery, flash ROM, flash stock; nothing seems to help.

Well, here are some suggestions:

[Nexus Help ForumNexus 6P goes from 15% to 0% almost straight away

[Reddit | Google PSA]: Problems with your battery? (Including random shutdowns) call Google support! Even when out of warranty.

[Reddit] Google is aware of the issues and working on it. They’ll post on this subreddit when they’re ready.

[Reddit] Got my Nexus 6P replacement a few days ago due to the battery issues. Here’s some things I’ve noticed.



 Related Articles about Pixels too

[Tech Time] Google Pixel, Pixel XL Owners Report Early Shutdown Issue Too: Nexus 6P Just The Beginning?

[ExtremeTech] Some Google Nexus and Pixel devices are shutting down before the battery is drained
[Android Authority] Some Google Pixel devices shutting down at 30% battery



So readers? How is your beloved Nexus/Pixel/Google Experience going? Is direct from Google itself everything you dreamed of? Timely updates? Rock Solid Hardware? Customer service that rivals rival fruit?

<sarcasm>At least they’re not catching fire……. yet</sarcasm>



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One thought on “Your 6P is sick? And yours? And Yours? And YOURS? AND YOURS? MINE TOO!

  • Avatar of JRDEMASKUS

    Something is happening.
    Lower quality and build standards?
    Trying to save a buck to compete with lower cost equal spec, “No name” devices?
    Samsung, apple, Google. It is not just one OS or OEM.
    Even my Microsoft 950XL Windows phone was a disappointment.
    I am considering replacing either my M9 or ASUS tablet, to take advantage of their resale value before they are “obsolete” or used up, but all these “build” concerns may have me holding on to these for longer than I wanted.


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