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Final Project Scorpio specs revealed: what you need to know

There are no pictures of a finished project, my public domain options were the stock graphics of a chip everyone and their dog are using, or a flaming scorpion that just made me want tequila. I decided on this as I couldn’t find an original XBOX photo I liked.

Project Scorpio is the codename given to the next XBOX system which is capable of 4K gaming.

TL;DR: Specs below, pricing, release date, anything useful to the average consumer still up in the air. So yeah, you probably don’t need to know any of it ;)

As it stands now, the current XBOX One S can play 4K BR disks, but you’re lucky to see a high framerate at even 1080P. The Scorpio specs claim six teraflops, 12GB GDDR5 memory, and a custom Jaguar-based processor. The GPU is clocking at 35%+ over what is currently out there and capable of significantly more than just playing a 4K UHD disc.

During a 4K demo of ForzaTech there was 30-40% CPU to spare, so chances are the Scorpio specs aren’t going to transition to the 8K+ levels.

Scorpio’s also packing vapor chamber cooling, 7.1 sound support, and will have enough horsepower for any VR applications we can plop out for the next couple of years most likely.

CPU: 8 custom x86 cores @ 2.3GHz
GPU: 40 Radeon compute units @ 1172MHz, 4MB L2 cache
RAM: 12GB GDDR5 (12 x 32-bit channels capable of 326GB/s)
HD: 1TB 2.5inch
4K UHD Blu-ray optical drive
Sound: awesome stuff coming out with support for more awesome stuff

So yeah, faster, harder, better, stronger.

Source: Digital Foundry, it appears everyone and their dog is hitting that site right now so here’s a Verge link in  case.

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