LIVESTREAM Let’s build AIY Google + Raspberry Pi speaker

I have secured a hard to find The MagPi #57 issue. What’s so special about this? This month’s project contains all the parts needed to build an AIY (DIY A.I.) speaker. Think of this as an official Google Home device made of cardboard. The project is a result of the collaboration of Google and the Raspberry Pi. Since the issue is really hard to find I decided to stream entire build. I hope this will be a consolidation for these who were less fortunate and still looking for their copy.

Issue57 Mock 002 with BOX web - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

LIVESTREAM Sunday (today) 7th May at 4pm EST (9pm GMT)

Direct link:

The livestream is held on my YouTube channel so feel free to subscribe and set a reminder etc. I may need your help as I have not opened the kit and this will be a hand on experience. I hope I will see you guys there.

See you soon!



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One thought on “LIVESTREAM Let’s build AIY Google + Raspberry Pi speaker

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    You could only see it live? How stupid. Anyway I already built mine.


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