Lever Gear Toolcard review

I need to preface this review by saying that this thing has been in my wallet unreviewed far too long. With that said the approach of fathers day seems like a more than apt time. I unfortunately received this during hectic time and no longer have any photos of the packaging. With that out of the way lets get a look at Lever Gears flagship product the ToolCard.

Quick tour

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Levergear claims that there are 40 separate tools on the card and depending on how you count they deliver. The obvious complement of 22 different tools is quickly expanded counting the individual wrench sizes, there’s also an optional money clip although I found it unnecessary. As you can see there’s some wear on the laser ecting but 6+ months in and the Toolcard isn’t any worse for wear.

The Toolcard materials

Initially I was a bit wary of the choice of 420 stainless. However after a bit of research and a few months of use those concerns seem unwarranted. The 420 grade stainless used is valid for use in medical equipment as well as various high stress equipment. The choice for laser etching as opposed to stamping or cutting the features into the Toolcard is still a bit more questionable.


Overall? Everything works as advertised, all the wrenches fit their intended sizes. The inclusion of special 15mm and 9/16 inch wrenches in a nice touch for bicycle use. The box opener was a bit dull but does work, a requirement for TSA certification i’m sure. I had no issues with things like the screwdrivers although the hex bit holder could prove a bit frustrating at times. It’s better than nothing but bits can slide through it easily. A slight beveling to the inside may help that in the future. The 1-12cm diameter circle guide is a nice addition however in my experience it was best used with pens or standard pencils, mechanical pencils and other fine instruments tend to wobble a bit.

Closing thoughts

For a 1.0 product(as proudly declared by it’s marking) I’m impressed. Some adjustments(the option for smaller holes in the circle gauge) and deeper etching for longer lasting marking would be welcome. Available for 28.00 with prime shipping without the clip and 31.30 with it the Toolcard should be a welcome addition to any wallet.



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