A look back: Seidio Innocell battery for the EVO 3D

Seidio Innocell 3D battery
Case no longer fits due to expanding battery

While we generally focus on new technology, there’s been something in my hands since April 2012 that’s been in use every day that’s surprised me and that’s the Seidio Innocell 4000mAh battery for the EVO 3D.

My EVO 3D saw new life in 2013 when it transitioned into a music player for my newborn. I’d charge it up during the day and then move it near her room making sure it was out of reach. I liked it because there were no wires to potentially choke her and I could control the device from anywhere in the house shutting the music off, changing the playlist, etc.

So there it worked every night playing music for the past four years and it occurred to me today that battery has lasted, unlike my current HTC 10 factory battery which gave up the goat about 10 days after the warranty expired.

I looked at the 2012 Seidio battery today, it’s dying. It’s expanded slightly over the years. But it’s still going providing two nights of music per charge.

I don’t know of Seidio still is making batteries this good, but I don’t think I could ask much more from a battery. It lasted a lot longer than I would have expected.

Seidio Innocell 3D battery
Battery’s developed a curve
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