Monday at CES

Paul is at CES! Which means we’ll be receiving a steady stream of videos and snapshots while he explores the convention. I woke this morning to find the first batch waiting in my inbox so lets see what Paul has been up to.


Hyper X Gaming

20180108 195244 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereHyperX the enthusiast division of kingston memory. We’ve looked at Kingston products on several occasions but have yet to touch anything in the HyperX line. Their booth at CES includes a variety of upcoming products all featuring that RGB bling that gamers seem to eat up. The Alloy Elite RGB is a more colorful take on it’s fully mechanical predecessor. Topping their mouse lineup this year will be a new Pulsefire Surge. This replaces the previous Pulsefire FPS with a new sensor and of course more RGB LED’s. Both are expected later  this year and we will attempt to get them in for review as soon as possible.

Motiv Ring

20180108 195609 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereSmartwatch too big and obvious for you? Motive has been around for a little while putting all those functions in a ring! Exciting to say the minimum without a display Motive is able to do everything we expect from fitness trackers by now. This includes heart rate monitoring, in addition to sleep an activity tracking. This all comes inside an attractive waterproof package capable of running 3 days. There is however one small catch I hope Paul asked them about. Currently the ring only works with iOS devices unfortunately, something I hope was their resolution this year to change.


20180108 204415 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereAccessory maker Ventev is someone we’ve worked with back in the quick charge 2.0 era.  They’re at CES this year with a bevy of cables, chargers and cases for all sorts of devices. Included in that is what appears to be this years highlight a wireless quick charger capable of delivering 15 watts of power. Although out of stock expect availability to be soon if that’s something you’re after as it’s already listed on amazon.


20180108 210131 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereNot a new engine for finding cat videos, ella  is a new AI driven cloud based engine for searching for content actually inside the video. Claiming use of a combination of existing algorithms and deep learning capabilities ella is supposed to be able to highlight the interesting things on your videos for you. ella claims to work with most existing systems through use of an on site gateway sending metadata offsite for analysis. As someone who deploys cameras regularly I’m excited by the idea but would rather see options for keeping data and processing on site.

Where will Paul go next? I’ll find out later I hope. If there’s something you want Paul to make sure not to miss drop us a note in the comments.

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One thought on “Monday at CES

  • Technically that was the pepcom digital experience last night. Videos on my YouTube galore, nopking on Twitter.

    For anyone who wants to be up to the minute inundated with commentary I tried posting hours ago and finally got enough internet to post :)


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