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Update: Plans in place

We were down this weekend and back up in a day which means we’re sort of a priority at the moment to get offloaded. As mentioned earlier the site’s being sold to me, they’re working on paperwork and we’re getting things in place.

We’re planning on moving into a Cpanel WP instance and seeing how things go. My work has offered their unlimited hosting/bandwidth since it literally costs them nothing extra and we’re paying for it with the caveat that if it impacts work in any negative fashion Pocketables will have two days to move.

The first Vaultpress backup of the site concluded last week, so things are set even in the event of Crowdgather forgetting to pay a hosting bill or the site getting owned. Worst case scenario we’ll end up over at

Not a terrible outcome, but I still have business cards to go through and that’s entirely my motivation even if I do have to scratch out “associate editor” and put in “god emperor” in the title.

From this time last year Pocketables was down two and a half weeks. Every time we had an upswing in popularity we lost a day or two and lost momentum. Coming soon we’ll drive the nails into the coffin of Pocketables on our own terms ;)

At least this next phase of Pocketable’s life we’re at a point where we have passwords, multiple people who work in the IT field, and can hope we can get a solution in place in a couple of hours as opposed to two to three weeks, or in the case of /forums five and a half years.

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Paul E King

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