LUX KONO Smart Thermostat Review

Last year I had the chance to test the Honeywell Lyric Round smart thermostat. I really liked it and apart from some issues with the geofencing features everything worked well. This year, I’m taking a look at the LUX KONO smart thermostat. It offers all of the features you’d expect in a thermostat as well as some customizations that other manufacturers don’t offer. And it does this a the quite reasonable price of $115.


The KONO by LUX Products is a sharp looking device. It’s a rounded square with an oversized knob that used for navigation and a large digital display. The device looks high-end and I’d imagine it would fit in with almost any decor. The thermostat feels solid – definitely not cheap or flimsy. There’s something about the KONO that just makes it seem like a luxury product. The curves, bold display, the behemoth control knob, and the simplicity of the overall look combine to be something beautiful. That’s not something you can say about every thermostat and might seem like hyperbole, but this is really a good looking piece of hardware.\

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The unit I received was black-faced with a brushed nickel style sidewall. One of the great things about the KONO is that the faceplate is interchangable and is available in a myriad of colors. There are options in red, white, wood, blue, etc. There’s even a faceplate designed specifically to be painted so you can choose exactly what color you want it to be.


I found installation of the KONO to be pretty straightforward. After reviewing the manual and inspecting my current thermostat it was clear that the KONO was compatible. All of the wire connections are clearly labeled and LUX includes everything in the box that you need to get the installation going. I was replacing a Honeywell unit (thus the patches of missing green paint in the photos in this article).

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Once everything was connected and powered on, there was simply the matter of running through the KONO app and configuring the WiFi connection and setting a schedule. The app setup is a pretty straightforward experience but, at least on Android, it’s not the prettiest of apps – especially the scheduling feature. First you’ll connect your phone to the thermostat’s own WiFi  connections. Then you’ll configure the thermostat to your home WiFi. If you’d like you can set a schedule, but it’s optional. And that’s that.

Unless you have a Google Assistant device. If you do, jump into the Google Home app and add the Lux Products service in the Home Control section. You’ll then be able to control the thermostat by voice.


So far, the KONO has worked great. It’s connection to my router has been rock solid. Every time I want to connect to the thermostat from inside or outside my home network it has been there. The schedule is always kept and the Google Assistant integration works great. All in all, the thermostat has done everything I’ve asked it to do and with style.


There are lots of options in the smart thermostat space today – Nest, Lyric, Ecobee, and more. The LUX KONO is, in my opinion, one of the best looking and most reasonably priced of the bunch. I give it a hearty recommendation. Check it out on Amazon where it is currently selling for only $115.

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